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My Story

My name is Dee Marie. I was born in Chicago in 1991. I'm very much a product of the midwest, and the 90's, though my family relocated to the Southwest in my teens. Since I was very young my English classes and writing assignments were what I excelled at with the most ease. I was a 'weird' child, very much a tomboy whose interests lie in Monty Python, Star Wars, LOTR, and video games. This did not make me popular with my peers at this time, and I struggled to make friends. This only made me seek even more solace in reading and writing. I would devour books so voraciously that my parents couldn't keep up. When we couldn't afford more books I'd read anything I could get my hands on, or fill cheap notebook upon notebook with worlds and poems of my own. Society often dampers the creative, and so when I went to college I was discouraged from pursuing studies related to writing. Unwilling or able to give up the passion I found small ways to keep writing- I blogged, and I voluntarily coached my peers on writing and edited their papers, for the small cost of a meal or some help in a subject I struggled with. As an adult I'm fortunate to have held onto my passion and married a partner who encourages me in seeking out opportunities. This has brought me to streaming, writing social media posts for peers, editing statements, and freelance writing.

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